Might Outreach International offers Discipleship Training Seminars to empower members of congregations to live a Victorious Christian Life. The objective of Discipleship Training Seminars is to transform normal Christians into devoted followers of Christ. The seminars cover a wide range of topics including repentance, forgiveness, prayer, giving, fasting, faith, victorious Christian life, and identity theft awareness and Protection.

Here is the list of Discipleship Training Seminars:

  1. Seven Kingdom Principles: The Blueprint For A Victorious Christian Life.
  2. What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do – How to Face and Overcome Storms of Life.
  3. How to Rekindle Love and Build Strong Marriages.
  4. The Power of Fasting and Prayer.
  5. Mountain Moving Faith and Power of Your Confession.
  6. Repentance and Forgiveness – Live or Perish: Non-Negotiable Principles of God.
  7. The Secret and Power of Cheerful Giving.
  8. Identity Theft Awareness and Protection for Christians.


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