Mighty Outreach International offers a unique mentorship program for individuals who want to grow spiritually and finally become fully devoted followers of Christ. Hundreds of people have benefitted from this program across the globe. This program offers a rare one-on-one with Pastor Mwakasisi or other staff members. We also offer this program in groups depending on how many people join at the same time. Like all other programs and services we offer, this program is FREE. All we ask is a FREE WILL Love Offering.

The mentorship program targets Christians and non-Christians. For non-Christians, our mission is to share with them the love of Christ so that ultimately they can receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. From the bottom of our heart, we desire and strive to love them into the Kingdom instead of judging them into hell!

For Christians, we evaluate the applicants or participants to ascertain the level of understanding of the Word and prayer. It is kind of a spiritual thermometer test. Based on where one is spiritually, we design a crash program of the Word to help them understand the core principles of being a Christian and how to live a life of Victory in Christ. Important areas we cover include the following:

  1. Your Identity In Christ
  2. Power of Repentance
  3. Power of Forgiveness
  4. Power of Words and Your Confession
  5. Power of Prayer
  6. Power of Fasting
  7. Power of Cheerful Giving
  8. Power of Faith

Coupled with another service we offer Bible-based, Christ-Centered counseling services; you will find that the mentorship program is invaluable. The two services complement each other in a profound way. Most of the time we find out that people who need counseling, need to know the truth of what is happening in their lives and how to overcome the storms of life. It is the Word of God which is the truth.

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